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DIVE and Landry Chem Intensive?

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I'm happy with DIVE biology, but next year is chemistry. Chem labs are not my friends. Biology and physics are fine, but not chemistry. Long story, but I barely survived them in high school and college. I am a klutz in the lab and impatient with measuring and mixing.


So if we do the Landry Chem Intensive would it be reasonable to then just watch the labs on the DIVE CD? We're doing a mix of hands-on and CD labs now with biology. I don't know if mine will go into science, but I want them to have a solid introduction.


Bad mom, I know.

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I am planning this with Dive Bio and Chem. We will watch the Dive labs. We are using Apologia texts with Dive, so we will do the Landry intensive. I think they have intensives combining labs for bio and anatomy, and chem and adv. chem. Dive schedules two apologia texts per course, so combining the labs from both texts into one intensive is appealing.

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