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Inexpensive point-and-shoot camera?

Desert Rat

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Last year I bought a Nikon CoolPix L120. This camera takes the best pictures outdoors. But, it absolutely stinks at indoor shots.


All my pictures from last Christmas turned out a blurry mess. I was upset then, but even more so, now that I know I will never get another Christmas picture with my dad. :(


It was a 5 month old camera then and I just chalked it up to me having to learn the right settings.


Fast forward to this year.... I have spent hours (HOURS) trying out the various settings. My kids are fed up of my experiments. And I still have the same problem. My pictures of us decorating the tree and our Christmas party are terrible. Unless the room is *flooded* with light in the daytime, it blurs.


So, I'm looking at an inexpensive point and shoot camera for use in low light situations and as an every day camera.


I'm fed up of trying to make my relatively expensive, for me at least, camera work.


And I'm sad and could use some hugs. I researched this camera for months. I thought it was the best one I could get in my price range. I was so proud of my first "good" camera. I should have just bought another Easy Share.


So, Hive, thoughts? Good PAS cameras around or less than $100?


I will be getting one this week so I don't have another set of ruined Christmas pictures.


Heading to work in a few. I'll check back this afternoon. Thanks for your help!

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It's a little more than you're wanting to spend, but I bought a Canon Elph Powershot last year and LOVE it! So easy--truly a point-and-shoot. It's teeny tiny but with a large display for viewing the pics. My old camera always stayed at home because it was so bulky, and this can fit in a jeans pocket but also take quality photos.

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