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What is the official name for being seriously creeped out (physically uncomfortable) by certain textures/sounds?

Janie Grace

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Ds9 has always said that certain things "make his body feel weird." Examples: the feel of polyester fleece or microfiber, the sound of markers, the sound of the other kids touching the (polyester, probably) headliner in the car, etc. He literally gets goosebumps over these things. I thought it was just a unique quirk but dd13 told me that at her co-op, there is a girl with the same issues! She freaked out at the sound of dd rubbing her palms together, and she also can't handle fleece.


Does this issue have a name? Dd says this girl seems autistic or something like that. Ds isn't on the spectrum but he does have auditory processing issues and DCD. What's the deal with this... is being hyper sensitive related to other issues? FWIW, ds is NOT hypersensitive about most things. On the contrary, he's the kid who cannot feel that his pant leg is hiked up funny or that he has food on his face. Very high pain tolerance. I wish I could understand why he'd be hypo and hyper sensitive at the same time to different things.


Anyway, if anyone knows anything about this, I'm all ears.

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sensory processing disorder. there are people who are averse ,and peopld who crave. in both cases, the nervous system is not processing sensory input correctly.


auditory processing is just one area.


you can get more information at out of sync child


oh - she also gets into ways to help "train" the nervous system to respond normally.

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It could be sensory processing disorder.


Mine are both hypo and hyper sensitive to things.


Ds doesn't like many noises that he did not make. He dislikes his head being messed with at all. But he craves bear hugs, crashing, jumping, tight clothes. He does not tolerate his body being off the ground when he is not in control.


Dd dislikes certain textures and fabrics, but is otherwise all sensory seeking.

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