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Doing anything over winter break?

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I'm just curious. We did a Christmas-in-different-cultures thing last year and made food and talked about different traditions. I led up to it all of November and we finished with a different culture/country area each day for all 5 kids - four in ps, one that was a toddler and so was really my country.


I am no way prepared this year! I had some family situations and parental illnesses/surgeries that kept me very busy.


Does anyone do anything special or take advantage of the time?


I am thinking we might do a winter tree study with something I can put together really quick on a shoestring budget. Then I could cap it off with a visit to an arboretum. I know I have a few within a two hours radius of me.


Anyone else?

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We're planning to do some travel over the holidays. If all goes as planned, we will go to Disney World (our first trip there) and to their birth country (first time since they came home as babies). Part of the foreign trip will include a visit to an ancient Mayan pyramid, and another day will be spent in an old "mission" town. So I'm sure that will be somewhat educational.


The girls will probably miss 2 days of school in January. Since their school is pretty rigorous and one of my daughters struggles to keep up with math, I plan to bring a whole week's worth of math to work on, at least. I'll check with the teacher to see what else she will want them to complete before they report back to school. Probably get a start on the week's reading/spelling unit. We'll also read every day, as always.

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8 year old will continue with EPGY and Mathnasium.

Preschooler will spend a lot of time working on pencil grip and trying some Occupational Therapy strategies I came across.

Sorry, nothing exciting here. We'll do lots of hanging out at all the holiday activities in town & I'll probably loosen up the TV rule in our house :)

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My youngest is a sophomore in high school. I'm not planning anything academically because he'll be studying for a few January finals, finishing up a project or two and working on math. He gets to figure out his own schedule which will probably involve doing school stuff in the morning and then hanging out with buddies in the afternoon and evening.


My husband wants to take him snowmobiling and/or skiing but they can only do that if Wisconsin gets some snow! Otherwise, they might try to go ATV-ing. Regardless, there will be some time set aside for Father-Son bonding while my cat and I stay at home watching chick flicks. :-)


We also will probably go into Chicago to try out some new restaurants.

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