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3 year old Christmas gift ideas for a girl...


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A dress up box

a mini trampoline

a balance bike

a rody horse

simple craft kits for that age group- maybe Melissa and Doug

small houses and figures she could pretend with- Playmobil, or Calico Critters, or one of those wooden tree house sets, or a doll house

magnatiles or good quality wooden blocks to build with- Haba, or Lauri stacking pegs

a tabletop play kitchen and pretend food

play stands

a puppet theater and some puppets

the Melissa and Doug shopping cart has dropped in price by a lot on Amazon, add some play food and a cash register and she could pretend to grocery shop

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Loving Family Doll house :) DD got hers for her 3rd birthday and still plays with it daily. It's also made for great gifting options for the future, because we can add rooms/sets for other birthdays & Christmas. It's held up great, and I love that all the small pieces are attached to larger ones.

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For my almost 3 yo we got her a Cinderella bike, and the fisher price loving family dollhouse with accessories. There was a princess playhouse I had considered as well. Other things she has or would love:

Small trampoline


Dora playhouse

Games: zingo, memory, Go fishing, Elefun

Art supplies

Pay kitchen

Baby doll accessories (cracker barrel sell beautiful loth dolls and all the accessories. We got these for our girls last year and they love them)

Melissa and Doug instruments and stamp sets

Puppet stage and puppets

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Play silks - I mentioned this in your Playmobil thread. She can make dresses, skirts, capes, sashes, headpieces, castles, picnic blankets, tea party linens, oh... the list goes on... We love play silks here. They are good to accessorize almost any toy (DS uses them with his playmobil fairly often!).


We order ours from Dharma Trading and I dye them with vinegar and food coloring. Super easy. Or you can go to Sarah's Silks website and order pre-dyed - hers are beautiful.

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My 3 year old doesn't play with toys per se. She draws, colors, and does stuff with her brothers - the only thing she really likes is My Little Pony, and she adores stuffed animals. She's also super girly and loves hair bows, jewelry, etc.

So she's getting:

A My Little Pony set with 3 of the ponies

Another pony - her favorite

A stamp set (animals/baby animals - something like that. It's been wrapped for a couple of weeks so I can't remember exactly what it's called)

A pearl necklace/bracelet


+stocking stuffers (nothing real thrilling), an ornament, and pjs (norms for every kid every year). I didn't go overboard because she'll be happy with that. We're always super calculating when it comes to what we're getting the kids for birthdays and Christmas - we don't want to buy tons of toys that they'll never use.

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