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Poll: Do your pants go over or under your belly button?

Jean in Newcastle

Do your pants go over or under your belly button?  

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  1. 1. Do your pants go over or under your belly button?

    • Over
    • Under
    • I don't wear pants
    • The dreaded other aka "it depends"

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See, that's what I assumed was meant by "over." I don't want my pants riding right under my ribcage 0_o but I don't want any kind of low-rider pants. Anything that is actually *below* my naval is low-rider.



Belly buttons really are in different places on different people! My 4" from my belly button to pants would be obscene on someone else, but my belly button is even with my floating ribs.

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Under. I'm another one who has about an inch between hip and rib (I'm 5' even), so "natural waist", even in petites ", would fasten somewhere mid-ribcage. Blech.


If I am wearing a shirt that poses risk of ride-up (and, thus, plumber's crack), I use my handy dandy haramaki and close that gap decoratively.

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I voted under, but wish my pants fit me over the bellybutton or at least at my bellybutton. I have a long torso, am petite, am apple shaped and have straight hips, so finding a higher waisted pant is pretty impossible.


I've even gone out and spent $$$ on some so-called "high-waisted" premium denim and that also came under my bellybutton!

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Well I buy them to go across my belly button BUT I have a horrible "mother's apron" from my pregnancies and the frst section. SO they seldom stay there and then I spend the day pulling them back up. None have belt loops(I only own 3 pairs of pants) so no belt to hold them where I like.

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Depends on the style, there are some dress slacks of mine that reach my navel, but I don't think it's possible to find jeans that go that high, is it??


If you are short and fat it is. I only have jeans (the 3 pairs I mentioned above) and they all go right across my belly button. Any lower and I can't keep them on. Any higher and I feel like I am wearing a corset.

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