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Saw a specialist today - she DOES NOT have capd!!!


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So, our Children's Hospital here, told me about a year ago that my now 7 y/o may have CAPD. So, we have been plugging along doing what we can, with a lot of help from you all.


So, I got her in today with an audiologist from a nearby state that specializes in CAPD. I have been told she is one of the pioneers, so I feel pretty safe with what she says.


She tested my dd; dd does not have CAPD. DD has her third set of tubes in, and the doctor explained that she basically hasn't been in the "hearing world" as long as her peers. She has been having ear infections since she was 10 weeks old. She wants me to keep working with the SLP's. One is doing OG method teaching, and one is doing more language based schooling. She also wants me to keep doing Earobics (we just got this last week). In addition, she thinks learning the basics of lip reading is a good idea too.


She made me really "get it". She said that in kiddos like mine, they are typically behind their peers for a few years, but then with time, patience, and work, they sky rocket. I am hoping for the sky rocketing!!


Just wanted to let you all know. We have been on a roller coaster ride, and it is not over. But at least we know the name of the roller coaster now.

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