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What about Sonlight science?

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I used SL science with no problems till 5th grade. We used PH Science Explorer and Plato's CyberEd for 6th. It was very easy to adjust. I believe after 6th it's much harder; they use Apologia Science. I have heard of some secular families using it, but with a lot of work. I also know some families of faith who did not care for Apologia either. I think it's a love/hate thing. You either like the style of the text or don't.



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to use SL Science 4 this year. It looks super to me and very secularly based. It'll be my first year with SL Science and I don't plan to use the Apologia years, so I may not use SL for science for long for my olders, but I am excited about Science 4 b/c it incorporates just what I was wanting (TOPS Elec & TOPS Mag) plus a lot of other great looking stuff -- all with the SL organization!


I figure I'll take it year by year. The following year I might go backwards to SL Science 3 or eventually branch off to the PH series. . . But SL will be so much easier.

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I have used them all up to Core 5 and since they are primarily TOPS books and Usborne books it should be simple. It is just like when a Christian uses a secular book- when you use the Christian based ones you would talk about any difference in beliefs. We are Christians but I do think my kids need to know what others think/believe.



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