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As an adult, I've really learned to appreciate [fill in the blank]


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1) Quality


I've finally managed to get some nice pots and pans and a set of decent knives. I can't believe what a difference they make! I honestly had always thought that the only difference was that the cheaper stuff might scratch or wear out sooner or not be as pretty. Nope! This also goes for other household items and clothing.


2) Real Food


Still working on this one, but dh and I have come a long way from our childhoods of eating oleo (being told by parents that it was JUST like butter), cheap frozen pizzas, and canned and boiled to death veggies.



What about you?

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Guest inoubliable

That real relationships take work. The people that you party with in your teens and 20s may or may not be around for you in your 30s, if you don't put more into the relationship than lending out killer high heels and bringing the hooch. The people at work are not your friends, unless you MAKE them your friends. They're co-workers. A marriage takes work. You may be madly in love years down the road, but it's not forever rosy. Relationships with your kids take work. That some people will proclaim to be your friend only to get the inside scoop on your personal drama - recognize the people in your life who truly put work into the relationship.


A couple of weeks ago, I was chatting online with my best friend. I mentioned that I was having trouble breathing and that I thought I should go lay down for a bit. I signed off, but not before she sent a message for me to grab my phone. Grab my phone?? It's like 10 pm. What for? I can barely breathe, woman! She does, in fact, call. I attempt to say hello but all I can do is this cross between heavy breathing and rasping and wheezing. She listens for three seconds and says, "I'll be there in 20 mins with an inhaler." She lives almost 40 mins away. That woman tore like a bat out of hell down back country roads, at 10 pm when she had to be up again at 5 am and is NOT a morning person, with an arsenal of inhalers - and got here in 20 mins. And as I'm finally starting to breathe normally after a nice puff of her inhaler, her husband says, "Well, damn. I don't know if I'd get any reaction at all out of her if I answered the phone with heavy breathing..." Some people will give you the world and always be there for you, but you have to be willing to do the same for them and DO it. I've learned to appreciate the few people in my life who are willing to invest in a real relationship with me.

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And having primary control of the radio dial in the car :driving:


I :wub: love love love Pandora. I listen to my CDs on the computer all the time while I work. I enjoy listening to DD11 play the piano. I grew up with limited exposure to music (and what little there was - was pretty bad!) , so I've come late to the music-penjoyment party. But WOW! there are so many good songs out there in so many different genres! Woohoo!

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I'll second good health and energy. AFter dealing with cancer treatment this year, I truly appreciate the joy that is good health and the energy that goes with that. I miss my energy. :coolgleamA:


Over the last few years, I've come to appreciate any and all work that comes the way of my family. It's a joy to be employed in a job that feeds your soul as well as your tummy.


Edited to add--true friends. As someone upthread posted, people at work are not your friends unless you make them so. That's also true of church relationships. This year I learned I'm a colleague to many people at church, not a friend. A duty, not a joy. They simply don't know me that well. And vice versa.


It was easy to see this year who considered me precious and a joy. They were my rocks and my lights along a difficult path. My husband, my sons, my daughter in law, and about six to ten friends were profound influences and comforts this year.


Lessons learned...relationships take time and effort, but bring great joy.

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Plain yogurt.

Brussels Sprouts :smilielol5:


But only if they are roasted in coconut oil for a good hour and the skin goes all crispy. Infinitely better than the mushy, sulphuric concoction that boiled version of childhood invariably turned out to be.


I could have written both of these posts!



I've also learned to appreciate a close family, although I appreciate it because I don't have one, outside of my kids and dh. :( Ah well, I can dream for the future, right?


Happy, I'm sorry for your struggles, and I hope that your energy returns soon. I'm glad that you found out who were truly friends.

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I can't think of anything to add. Although I agree with many of these!




True Friends

Close Relationships


Real Food

Health & Energy


Quiet, Silence, Being Alone



I've always liked stinky cheese and brussel sprouts, and still can't appreciate plain yogurt all that much, unless it's in a smoothie. :D

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