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Homelife Academy TN

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We've used HLA all the way through. Basically, they leave you alone and file the paperwork with the state. You turn in grades, a plan of study (which, especially for elementary, can be very basic-I know quite a few people who have "Library books and nature study" written down for science every single year in elementary, and it passes muster) and attendance. They state up front that they prefer mastery grading, and for younger students, don't expect to see grades that aren't an A because they'd rather see mastery of concepts and fewer concepts than pushing through material faster with less speed. They're also fairly comfortable with parents choosing to grade skip or retain.



If you want a program that offers testing services, co-curricular or extracurricular classes, or an accredited diploma, look elsewhere. If you want an easy way to manage the paperwork and don't trust the local school system not to mess it up, they're great.

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started using HLA when we moved to TN 3 years ago. easy to use. I'm legal. good info on high school, college. they keep me legal without having to report to local district. my philosophy and theirs match. thankful they provide a "homeschool test site" for PSAT. They don't require any testing, but on that one test, they work with a location so that homeschoolers don't have to try to take PSAT at local high school and deal with that. been happy with quick turn around on paperwork (such as attendance verifcation for driver's license). happy overall and plan currently to stick with them. if we move to another state... I probably wouldn't unless it made me legal.

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