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CC: Wonderful article on aging


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I went to a retreat over the weekend on dying and death, and in perusing the speaker's church's website last night, I came across this related article that the speaker (Fr. Josiah Trenham) has written. It is so good. I *think* it's got a general application for all Christians, even if not Orthodox.


Link: http://saintandrew.net/files/Newsletters/The-St.-Andrew-Newsletter-November-2012.pdf


I liked the part where he expounded on the passage from Ecclesiastes, showing how it describes our aging bodies, and how aging is a God-given grace to encourage us to keep the fact that we're dying (and therefore need to take life seriously) ever before us. He quotes a church father, St. John Chrysostom, as saying something about every single gray hair having eternal significance in this way.


ETA - Didn't at all put any thought into what non-Christians might think of the info. No offense or controversy intended in the least!

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