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x/post KWO and Paragraph Writing

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Hi there,


I posted this question in the logic stage area of the boards and realized that you experienced high school moms might have more insight. I'm thinking long term for my 7th grader. Anyho...


DS just completed week 16 of IEW's ATFF. He hasn't really applied his IEW teaching to other subjects. I never learned to write the IEW way and only topically outlined in school for speech class. Never really touched outlining again until I started homeschooling DS and that was for personal study.


Does your high school student deliberately use the KWOs for writing outside of IEW class? This probably seems like a foolish question. I guess I'm curious to know how many students actually use the skill in their day to day study, outside of internalizing the info.





Kong--Husband of 22 years

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