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Time Travelers Questions


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I have been looking at the Time Travelers CDs from Homeschool in the Woods and find them very interesting. If you have used or are using any of them, could you answer some questions?


1) How many do you try to complete in a school year?


2) Do you need a separate spine, or do you feel the teaching in the lessons is enough? Ds will be in 5th grade, BTW.


3) Does it give you suggested supplements such as literature, movies, etc.?


4) What are the pros/cons in your opinion?



Thanks so much!

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We used one about 4 yrs ago so I am a little fuzzy on detail but plan on using them next year with dd.We did not use it as a stand alone but with another curriculum, as a supplement. I cannot remember if it gives enough info for a stand alone, I will look at the 2 I have here and see if the info is enough and if they give book lists. For the way we used it I liked it. I wasn't thrilled with having to print everything on paper or cardstock but then I hate doing that with any curriculum. Once everything is printed out the way it needs to be it is easy to use. It can be used in 5 weeks if used every school day or stretched out longer. I did not do everything in order but used it as I needed (we used New World Explorers) I plan on using all of them over two years in conjunction with American Girl Doll World books (Kit's World and the others) and SL core D and E.

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I'm using Early 19th century now with my 8th and 4th graders. They love the lapbook projects. The reading is enough for them, but my kids don't have trouble digging in deeper in areas that interest them via library books etc. They do offer a list of some extra books but I found it to be very small and preferred to just find my own supplements if I felt they were needed. I'm really only using it as a quick recap so we can finally move on to Modern Times. We've been stuck in Early Modern for far to long.


I don't think I'd use it as our only history, but think it's pretty easy to add to another program or for a quick recap. We're about half way through and that amount took us about 6 weeks, I don't do everything in them though. Mostly I just read the lesson text and then they do the lapbook projects.

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