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Picture book's you love


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DD is 7 and loves her picture books still. I wonder if we missed any? She has a book shelf full plus a couple boxes that I rotate throughout the year. We check out armfuls when we go to the library. So what have been your most loved, must own picturebooks? I want to get her one for Christmas before she outgrows them.

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Well, by that age, it's all about the longer picture books, yes? Some authors with longer picture books for older kids...


William Steig

Patricia Polacco

Anne Issacs

Chris Van Allsburg

Mark Teague's LaRue series

Richard Platt's Diary series

Allen Say

Peter Sis

Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith's various collaborations

Jon Muth's Zen series

Graeme Base's mystery books - The Eleventh Hour and Enigma

David Wisniewski - especially The Secret Knowledge of Grown-Ups

William Joyce - especially his new series

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As of a few days ago a new favorite in our house is:




There's very little text and no storyline but it's so beautiful. DD has looked through it a dozen times and was sad when I took it back to the library. She'll have a suprise when the UPS man drops off an Amazon box today. :)


Other favorites are:



Any and all of the Good Times Time Travel Agency Books(this is just a link to one, I belive there are five or six)

James Herriot's Treasury for Children - a collection of lots of short stories with great pictures

Me...Jane - a sweet story about Jane Goodall as a kid

Interrupting Chicken - funny


I like to check out a bunch of books that were contenders for the Caldecott award each year and read through them with DD. A few will usually jump out at us as being wonderful and those I'll buy to add to our collection.

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I like picture books, so my list would be super-long. It includes a lot of classics like Bread and Jam for Frances, Caps for Sale, all of those types of books.


I really love Leo Lionni.



Have you done the Eloise books? They are good for that age.



This version of St. George is an excellent story.


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Is there anyway we can add tags to this thread so it'll be easy to find in the future? I'm getting lots of good ideas. I've already maxed out my library card reserve list and now I'm getting closet to having DH's card maxed out too. If he goes to the library to pick up books before I do then he'll be surprised when all he's got are a bunch of picture books! :)


I like picture books, so my list would be super-long.


Me too! Even at my age I still enjoy sitting down with DD and going through picture books together.

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There are a few picture books my kids will still get from the library. And if we're in that section, I'll still put a few in the pile too. Some of our repeat checkouts:


Tomie DePaola--pretty much anything, but definitely some of his Christmas books this time of year

Susan Meddaugh's books about Martha the dog

Rachel Isadora's ballet books (eg Lili at Ballet)

Rosemary Wells' Yoko books


Some of my favorites: Brambly Hedge books, All the Places to Love, Miss Rumphius. There are some beautifully illustrated fairy tale picture books not in the kids' fiction section but out in the numbered section by Mayer or Craft--check the 398.2094 section. We own Sleeping Beauty and Cupid and Psyche--beautiful books. It's a great section to browse through.

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Oh, how I love picture books! I'm so glad my oldest still enjoys them too. Here are favorites that come to mind:

Bark, George

Beautiful Oops! (perfect for a child who battles perfectionism)

any of Dr. Seuss

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Alexander's Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day


If you are interested in picture books with Christian themes, I have a blog post where I list and review our favorites. You can read it here. Max Lucado has several that are just treasures.


ETA: Oh! And A Sick Day for Amos McGee.

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Louise The Adventures of a Chicken by DiCamiillo

Mystery Mansion by Garland

Holler Loudly by Leitch Smith

Grandmother's Pigeon by Erdrich

The Small World of Binky Braverman by Wells

Too Many Tamales by Soto

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (original text) ny Barrett


One of my addictions....errrr passions!

Here are jut a few loff the top of my head.


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For an older child, I recommend The High Rise Glorious Skittle Skat Roarious Sky Pie Angel Food Cake by Nancy Willard with phenomenal illustrations by Richard Jesse Watson. It seems to be out of print but used copies are available.


Also look for books illustrated by Jane Ray. She has some wonderful collections of folk tales, etc.




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