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Thinking of using Classical Writing for the first time and need advice

Guest Gypsy Jen

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Guest Gypsy Jen

I would like to hear from some of you who have used classical writing. I am considering using the program for my Daughter 12 and son 10. My Daughter loves to write and finds grammar fun. My son is just about the opposite. He is a very reluctant writer. Not because he can't but because he considers it a chore. He also hates having to come up with what to write.

Because this program begins with imitation, I was thinking that it might work for him. I feel a little hesitant about it, though because it looks like it takes quite a bit of time to do each day. Does it really take about an hour?

I was also wondering if you can use the Homer without Harvey's grammar?

I am interested in hearing from any one who has used the program. I would like to know what you liked it or did not like about it. I'm just trying to get a feel for it.

Thanks for any info.

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The progam is meant to be used as you want to use it.

In Aesop you don't "NEED" additional grammar.

In Homer additional grammar will be needed. Harvey's is the suggested bk ... since they needed something to use they picked one that taught all the grammar without having to go thru many years to get done. You can pick something else, many do. I like to use the Harveys just because it's all lined up for me and easy to do. I allow about 1.5 hrs 4 days/wk for CW but I also consider it to cover grammar, composition along with wkly vocab and copywork/dictation. It even includes some literary analysis. The later volumes (after Diogenes) no longer work with grammar... that is replaced with a study on formal logic and then rhetoric.


I've done Aesop A and B and a few lessons from Homer A. I'll be doing the Older Beginners book with my 7th and 8th graders next year.... and hopefully the Older Beginner bk for Poetry also.


I like to estimate the full 1.5 hrs but it doesn't always take long. Typing really helps the editing stage.



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