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S/O $20 gift idea....poll


Root Beer, Mike's Hard Lemonade???????  

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  1. 1. Which would you prefer to get?

    • Root Beer
    • Mike's Hard Lemonade
    • Your Suggestion

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Okay.....the die-hard scrapbooker/paper crafter in me is taking over.......I may have to try this, only I think I'll paint the box red, and add little black runners to the bottom, maybe knit a little santa hat and beard for one of the bottles!

OK, waaaaaaaay too creative for me! If you do it, I'd love to see a pic!

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Very cute. I don't like root beer but think that would be a safe bet. Or maybe some flavor of Jones Soda?

Hadn't thought of that-will check on that. thanks!

I voted for root beer because I like it but I love real ginger ale.

MMMM, hadn't thought of Ginger Althanks!

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If its a $20 gift, 3 packs would be nice- variety takes away the need to decide between non-alcoholic etc. :tongue_smilie:


I saw this on Facebook a few weeks back and am taking 4 of them to our extended family get together (1 Guinness, 1 Fat Tire Ale, 1 local root bear & 1 local bottled ginger ale)- a cute way to contribute and it covers all bases. :thumbup:

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