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Christmas gifts for a 21 month old?


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My 26 month old is getting-

Baby doll high chair (she has a cradle and stroller that get used daily)

Strider pedal less bike

Water table


Some other ideas-


Wooden blocks

Bead mazes

Board books


Small table and chairs

Small (table top?) Easel


Finger paint

Sand box


Plasma car

Play Kitchen and accessories



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My dd just turned 2 a couple of weeks ago, and I also went through the "safe for 2 year olds, but not babyish" search. I found LeapFrog, Little People and Lauri Toys brands to have great toys for this age.


My dd has and enjoys the following toys from these companies:



Letter Factory (DVD and tiles, they also make fridge magnet tiles)

My Pal Violet talking puppy

Chat and Count Phone

Touch Magic Counting Train (they also have an alphabet train)

Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket

(they also have a cash register and cook pot)


Little People:

Doll House


Camper Set

Noah's Ark Set


(really anything Little People is a hit)


Lauri Toys:

Shape and Color Sorter

Tall Stacker Peg and Pegboard (I got the ones with monkey pegs)

Number Express

Toddler Tote



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Is she going through a "just like mommy" stage? If so, or it seems to be coming...


- play purse, especially with things that can be put in and taken out

- play vacuum

- her own apron and mixing bowls/spoons


This link might have some helpful suggestions; many lean toward the educational but fun toys:



And of course, books! No one can have too many books, even 21 month olds!

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