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Your current apps!


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Assuming we're talking about other than boring things like our favorite SMS app... :)




Doggcatcher (podcasts), Audible, Pandora

Guardian Anywhere

Flipboard, Currents, Google Reader, Google+

Evernote, Pocket

Field Trip





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I live my Nightstand Central app, since I use my phone as my alarm clock.



Tune-in (seems to work better than the NPR app on both android and iThings)

Decimator (DDS reference for organizing my books)

CamScanner (portable document scanning with your camera)

DocuSign Ink (electronic signature routing)


I just downloaded the IPS communities app to keep up with the Hive... We'll see about this one.

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Hm, the nightstand app sounds interesting, although my (android) phone came with some sort of alarm app that I already use. Dh loves it because it starts softly.



ESV Bible

Smart Compass and Google Sky Map (don't use them, but I always think I will someday!)

Flashlight (perfect for making my way to the bedroom in the dark)


Pinterest (I can find my pinned recipes easily while grocery shopping on the fly)

Fruit Slice

Lookout (security) and 3G Watchdog (although I use <10% of my data plan)

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