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Brainpop Jr and Brainpop...do I need both?


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I have an 8yo (2nd) and an 11yo(6th). I also have a 2 1/2 year old but I suspect he's too young for the jr. Can I get away with just purchasing Brainpop or do I want the jr version for the 8yo?






In short the answer is yes. BUT they have a Homeschool discount for both. You only need a single user license for each so just make sure to get the HS single user each.


The long answer... My dd is 8 and unless you 8yo is seriously advanced the regular version will be too much. Don't get me wrong they will pick up some info but most will be over their head.


I got both thinking that I would use stuff from both. The reality of the matter is that I am using some of Jr. this year.. then taking a break from it until she is in 6th grade because IMO the older one is just too advanced. I would recommend it for 6-12 even though it is for 4th-12th.


My dd loves the Jr version BUT we have covered almost all of the material it covers so I won't spend the extra$ on it for the next 2 years. Your 2.5 yo is definitely too young but may enjoy watching with the older one. There are some free videos and they do offer a week of free trial so that you can try out all the videos and activities I would recommend this first. See if the older one is in line with you 8yo as all kids are different. You may find that your dc is more advanced and won't get much from jr!


Good luck deciding.

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