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25% Done...


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10 down, 30 to go.


Weeks, that is. So, 1/4 of the way through this pregnancy.


Still haven't found a GP yet, which means no OB either. They've changed things since I had Princess, or do them differently in this city, I don't know which. When I had Princess, I simply called the new OB, req an appt, and that was that. And then w/Boo, called the same office, and no problem, was in again.


But, now I need a referral. If I can't find a GP accepting new patients near me, I'll have to settle for the walk in clinic, and get a referral from them. I think I have to go for another u/s in the next cpl of wks, to confirm the dates that the 1st u/s tech came up w/.


Still tiptoeing around a bit though...I'm always uber paranoid until after the 12 wk mark.


All still feels surreal. Baby #6?! Really?!

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