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Self-Educate by lecture

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I was reading the topics here about self education and it inspired me! I watched an amazing lecture by Leonard Bernestein on music, it has been around for years. I only watched the first of several. But I am excited to see the others although my husband (who has studied music extensively) has warned me they are a bit thicker. It got me to thinking. I don't have the time, or the money honestly, to take any courses online to self educate. But there has to be more great lectures i could watch or listen to for free and at my own pace. I have no idea where, so i was hoping there were other people out there who have ideas! Here is a link for the one i just listened to...



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I'm just finishing Coursera's History of the World since 1300 class. It's interesting. I listen to the lectures and I'm reading the text, but I haven't done the papers.


I also just started Coursera's How to Reason and Argue. It is great!! I'm really enjoying it. This one I can definitely see having dd do in a couple of years.


I've watched some fantastic Teaching Company lectures (that I could get from the library). My favorites have been the Great Books lectures and the Foundations of Western Civilization by Thomas Noble.


The Open Yale course on the American Revolution is also excellent, and I think we'll incorporate it into high school American History. I learned a ton.

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If you have any interest in Tolkien or fairy/fantasy literature, check out The Tolkien Professor. (I can't hyperlink on my iPad, but you should get it right away if you google it.). He is a college prof. who has recorded his courses on Tolkien's literature and on fantasy literature in general and made them available for download free of charge. Good stuff.

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