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Has your dog ever done this? AKA What just happened to my dog?


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We have a 2 year old shih-tzu/maltese mix. My daughter was calling him to eat and he didn't come right away. When he did start to walk over, we noticed he was tilting his head, almost putting his cheek on the floor. I immediately knew something was wrong and tried to look at his face and then look in his mouth. When I touched his mouth, he yipped, and kept trying to turn in circles, leaning his head. By this time, dh is on the floor looking with me. Our dog couldn't seem to open his mouth completely. Dh finally got a good grip and looked in his mouth, where it looked to him like a part of his gum/lip on the side of his mouth was up over his tooth! He tried to carefully push that back, and while being a little quiet, due to being freaked out, our little guy seems ok now.


Have you ever heard of something like that? I'm a lifelong dog-owner and I worked at a veterinary practice (although it was cat exclusive ;)), but I don't ever recall this happening. I could understand if he was a more jowly dog, like a boxer, but not his mix. Any ideas? He was just in for his annual check up and shots Monday, so I know his teeth are OK. I just hope this was a freak thing and it doesn't happen again.

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Guest inoubliable

:grouphug: No idea, but I hope your little guy feels better soon! We once had some Cavalier King Charles spaniels. Fantastic dogs. One night, Hurley was acting really strange - didn't want to move, seemed his breathing was "off", didn't want to eat. Looked up symptoms online and saw some recent cases of dry drowning in regards to that specific breed. We called the local vet and he rushed us in there at 10 pm to check him out. He removed a tick that we hadn't noticed and within 5 mins Hurley was up and completely normal. Sometimes it's just the weirdest, smallest thing.

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