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How to upload a video from my iPhone4s to facebook? I get "upload failed"


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I am trying to take a video from my phone and put it on facebook. I am going through the facebook app and choosing from library, etc. When I choose the video, it compresses it, but when I try to then up load it, I get the message "Upload failed." What am I doing wrong? It's four minutes. Is that too long? I am such a techno-moron. It seems so straight-forward. Why isn't it working?


ETA: It gets to about the same point on each attempt - somewhere between 25% and 33% of the way in the upload and then it peters out on me. :(

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Hmm I used to have this problem. I think I had to change the settings on my iPhone, allowing something or other to fix it. I do remember finding the solution online, so you may want to do a web search.


I've tried doing a search, but I am not having much luck. Not sure what to search for???

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