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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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We made it to Friday! Woo hoo! Oh wait, there is all of today's chores to get through first. . .


The normal: clean kitchen, laundry, school, meals


Today's special chores:


Chop up the huge branch that came off of neighbor's tree (property that I'm caretaking) and put pieces in the yard waste.


Mail my dad's birthday package again (came back needing more postage which ticks me off since I used their machine to figure out the postage to begin with)


Put towel rack back together in the bathroom. At least ds15 told me that he broke it instead of leaving it for me to find.


Call the dentist and postpone next procedures until I've paid off some other things.





Dd10's volunteering at the Y.

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I was planning on joining in the group today but youngest ds woke me up at 6am with a terrible sore throat. I *thought* yesterday that I was getting better from this head cold I've had all week, but instead I feel worse. I took a nap at 9am. Just got back from the doctors with ds. Dosn't look like strep but not ruling it out so he sent me home with a prescrp (just in case). DS feels miserable, nonetheless.


I may still try to clear off my desk which has collected another pile of clutter.


Jean ie: postage - that would really irk me too. I hope they give you a refund.

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11 am check- in:


I'm showered. (This is news).


Kids and animals have eaten appropriate kibble.


The kitchen is nice and shiny.


I typed up dd's science test at the last minute while she waited. Nothing like being on top of things. . .


Next up:


Working with dd on spelling (test) and Japanese.


Make business phone call during lunch recess.


Do one more productive thing from my list during lunch recess.

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Guest submarines

All I can say is that I read "tickle" instead of "tackle". This probably means I'm entirely in the wrong thread.


Also, since I can't get used to the new way the emoticons need to be accessed, and my favorite ones are hidden who knows where, I want to add that I'm joking. j/k. And now I'm smiling.

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Guest submarines

You can tickle Friday with us too. It's good to laugh while you work. :001_smile: (Hit the smilie on the task bar at the top of the reply box. Smilies will open up in a row underneath the reply box. If you don't see your favorite smilie, click on the side arrow until you see the one you want. )



Thanks re smilies. It just takes forever to find the ones that I want. The old board had a nice versatile easily accessible selection, and I hardly ever needed to scroll through them. And when I did, it was fun.


This said, I got used to pretty much every other feature of the new board, so I'm doing well. ;-)


I'll go and tickle someone or something right now.

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I'm not tackling Friday. Today is my "Saturday!" Hubby took the day off from work (mental health day) and dd15 stayed home from co-op. We slept in this morning (well, dh and dd15 slept till 9:30, but the rest of us were up before 8:30am). We had a nice family breakfast. Then dh and I weighed out our beef order into two pound packages and sealed them in the FoodSaver. Then we rearranged our deep freezer to fit all 40 pounds of ground sirloin, in addition to the contents that were already in there. Afterward, we took dh's car out to our mechanic's house so he can replace the clutch tomorrow. On our way home, we picked up the supplies needed for dh and ds to make our wooden nativity set. The supplies were a lot more expensive than I thought, so I hope it turns out nice! DH is currently outside tracing the pattern on to the plywood. I just finished helping ds work on some requirements for his Cooking Merit Badge for Boy Scouts. DD15 finished putting up and decorating her Christmas tree in her room and is now doing her required reading for her English class. In a little while, she's headed up to church to help set up for Operation Share with her youth group. They have collected new, donated toys and will have the entire wing of the church set up like a store so that tomorrow morning, moms & dads who could not otherwise afford presents can come in and 'shop' for gifts for their children for free. They are prepared to help almost 200 children have a merrier Christmas. All these families are ones that do not qualify for other programs (such as Angel trees, etc). This is her 4th year helping with it.

Tonight, I'm going to a "Christmas by Candlelight" evening at our church. It's a women's ministry event and I'm taking a friend who's going through a rough time. I hope it will brighten her season and allow her to put some of her problems aside for a few hours.

Afterward, I have to come home and make cookies to take to DD15's Christmas party at the dance studio tomorrow. Tomorrow morning, she and dd5 are dancing in the town's Christmas parade.

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Guess what?! No laundry today! I can't believe I got caught up!


Today I fed my friend's kitties and checked on her house, hit the library (Hurray! The movie I've been waiting for for 3 months is in!) and the bank. Everyone got breakfast and lunch. I've been getting ready for our party tomorrow. I hope people come! It's an open house so I don't get RSVPs and I hear the flu is going around my circle. Yikes!


So, we're settling in to watch a Harry Potter this afternoon. Chamber of Secrets, today. I just love Dobby.


Pizza tonight. Easy peasy and yummy.


Youngest has archery this evening. Ds12 and I will be catching the library movie. It's the second Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey, Jr. :)

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