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Sugar cookies and frosting---need a good recipe


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Tonight 16dd is having some friends over for her birthday and they want to decorate sugar cookies. I am looking for a really good and fool proof recipe for sugar cookies that you roll the dough into a log, chill and slice before baking (not a rolled dough). Chewy would be nice.


Then we need a good frosting recipe for frosting them. I will color the frosting in a few different bowls but they will just spread it with a knife and then put sprinkles on top.


I tried google but came up with 1000s of the BEST ones.


Oh, and ones that need 3 or less eggs would be best...........unless I wait until later in the day to make the dough when my chickens lay more eggs :-)

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royal icing.


2 egg whites

1 juice of lemon

4 cups of 10x



beat the egg whites until they are stiff but don't break.


whip in the lemon juice



add the sugar.



it is fool proof and amazing stuff. next to Modge-Podge, it is the next most amazing stuff that holds the universe together.

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Here is what I posted in another thread about icing/frosting:



I take a 2lb bag of 10x sugar and add whole milk, cream or even skim milk until it is the consistency I want. I want it thick enough to stay on the cookie but thin enough to flow. If I get it just right, I can dip the cookie upside down in the icing and it is just perfect.


I take out some to color red and add anise. Start with a 1/4 tsp. of anise. Then to the rest, I add vanilla.


Then I divide the icing into smaller bowls to color it.


If you want, you can melt a 1/2 stick of butter for the icing. Then it is more like a frosting and it sets up softer. It's personal preference.


Edit to add:


This tastes good. It is not meant to hold anything together or to be a glue-type frosting.

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