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Problems with that time of the month (TMI!)


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My periods have always been painful, even in high school when they were light it was very painful every month. As I am getting older they seem to be getting heavier and heavier as well as even more painful.


Maybe one of you wise ladies has some input or ideas, or maybe I just need hand holding :(


I am on day 2 of my period. Day I went through 6 super tampons and three doses of tylenol and advil just to function.


Today I went through 13 tampons and 5 pads and still had to change pants twice, Tylenol and advil didn't even touch the pain, and I am actually numb from the knees down.


Tomorrow will be much the same. I literally have to either stay home, or take extra clothes and several pads and tampons just to run a quick errand because the bleeding is so bad.


It is also bright red fresh blood for 4 out of 5 days. With lots of pretty large clots and intense cramps that hurt from my ribs to my ankles. When the bleeding is at its heaviest I get dizzy and just feel totally wiped out.


Even being used to it, days like today feel like it should be an ER call or something, but then I remember they will just leave me sitting with a towel between my legs and that it will eventually slow down.


Over the years I have tried every birth control known to man and they either did nothing or made it worse, the only thing that has ever helped was the D&C after I had Ds and bled like this for 3 months straight, and the hysteroscopy and D&C I had a few years later.


For the last 8 years, other than one med about 6 months ago that was supposed to help everything flush out better and did nothing I have just let my cycles be I am regular now for the most part, but it absolutely miserable.


I am at the end of my rope with it, and almost ready to just have them do a partial hysterectomy. DH and I have been together 7 years with no birth control and no baby, DS is 11 and while I would love to have another baby I just don't see this happening without major interventions that I am not willing to do.


I have a Bicornuate Uterus with a partial septum, enough that it is visible, but not so much my current OBGYN thinks it is a problem in any way.


She did an ultrasound last time and said the lining, ovaries, and everything looked wonderfully healthy, and she could actually see ovulation in progress. She firmly thinks the ferility issues are with DH, or just an incompatible chemistry problem. My hormone levels always check out well within normal, but I am mildly anemic both for Iron and B. I eat iron rich foods and take B supplements to combat that.



Any Ideas? I had considered the surgery where they cauterize the lining, but that is permanent as well and I have heard horror stories. I am not a heavy bleeder in any other way, in fact cuts often bleed less than I would expect.

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I went to the dr for similar issues. I've been told by two doctors that I probably have endometriosis. The GYN I saw last week wants me to do ibuprofen around the clock starting the day before my period until the last day of heavier bleeding. It's 600mg every 6 hours without fail for those days. It's supposed to help with pain and bleeding. It couldnt' hurt for you to try it. I started the ibuprofen yesterday and we'll see!

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I've been taking magnesium and B vitamins for a while, and found that they really helped with my 'hormonal' moods each month, but did little to help reduce the pain. I passed quite big clots which caused a lot of misery (sorry, TMI). This past few weeks I've been taking low dose aspirin each day (75mg), and also iron supplements, and my period has been so much easier, and I've also had lots more energy.

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