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Classical education schools/groups in San Jose/peninsula areas (California)?

Guest M in SV

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Guest M in SV

Hello! I am new to classical education methods. I would like some recommendations for schools (full time or part time), charter schools, co-ops, homeschool groups, satellite programs, etc. that use classical education methods or provide classical methods-like education.


My daughters are in 3rd grade and K/1st grade. We are looking for a school with rigorous curriculum.


Would greatly appreciate it if anyone has leads for schools or programs that provide rigorous classical education near San Jose/Peninsula areas!! Thank you!!!


-M in SV

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I don't know of any schools that are secular, but there are a few that are Christian and Classical.


King's Academy in Sunnyvale and Live Oak in Santa Clara come to mind. I am sure there are others, but I can't think of them off the top of my head.


Actually I thought of one more, The Grange does some stuff too.


I have no experience with the rigor of any of them and know them only by their email postings.

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Live Oak Academy is a classical and Christian program that meets in Santa Clara. (They just had an info night yesterday, but they seem to have them every couple of months. You could contact them online to be added to their mailing list.) They have a 2 day program for K-8 and 2.5 day program for 9-12. You can also select some courses a la carte. If I recall correctly, they're basically a 2 day/week school. They set the curriculum. The student attends twice a week. The other 3 days, the student has work to complete at home/homework.


Calvary Christian Academy in San Jose is also classical and Christian.


If you were willing to drive to Aptos, there's St. Abraham's Classical Christian Academy.


There's also Covenant Family Tutorial in the Santa Cruz mountains/Felton. It meets once a week and assigns homework to be done the other days of the week. If I were going to do an organized, structured program at the primary, K-8 level, this is the one I'd have chosen. The lead teacher is fantastic--one of those born teachers... passionate about the material, loves the students and teaching, bright, ...


There are also a couple of Classical Conversations campuses in the area, but those are not really complete programs.


(FYI---for others looking for classical & Christian schools, the Association of Classical and Christian Schools has a list of member schools by state.)

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