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Playstation Vita game recommendations?


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According to dh, he's the one that has a Vita in our house, Gravity Rush is a good action/adventure game (rated T, but we'd be OK with that--obviously YMMV :001_smile: ). He plays a lot of sports games on it, like Madden and MLB, but he said Hot Shots Golf is quite fun, even if you're not that into golf, which he isn't.


He said a lot of games are expected to come out in 2013.

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I'll check out Gravity Rush and Hot Shots Golf. Ds already has the Madden games for other systems, so I can't get those.


I have no problem with ds playing the Rated T games, unless they have a lot of s*xual stuff in them, or are just plain too dark and creepy (like the Batman game I mentioned in the Wii-U thread.)

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