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Etiquette question... if someone gives you an anonymous gift...

Heather in Neverland

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but you know who it is...should you thank them?


One of my staff members left flowers for me in my office today just to encourage me (my staff is awesome like that). The card was not signed but I know the handwriting (it is very distinct).


Should I thank her? Or does that ruin the whole thing? It feels weird NOT to thank someone for a gift but if they sent it anonymously then is it poor etiquette to thank them?

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When I give gifts anonymously, it's on purpose.


So I'd not call her out, but I'd be sure word got around how much I appreciated the gesture.


I like Jean in Newcastle's idea for making that happen - a general, generic thank you to the office (making sure she is present).


Were I here, that's what I'd prefer.

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