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If you have read this book, can I get some opinions?



Do you feel this book would be Ok for a 8th grade, avid reader, and history buff?


Is it something that I could incorporate into an in depth study of American History? Or should it just be given as an independent read before/after the coarse.


I have not seen the book, but someone recommended it to us. I am finishing up my resource list and am not sure if I should include this.

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My son (14) read it this year, we are doing American history. He really enjoyed it, it was very thought provoking. We also visited the National American Indian Museum in DC. (I forget it's proper title- history of the American Indian? ) anyway, they have a display very similar to the sentiments in the book- that culture was progressing totally separate from Asia and Europe, that great civilizations rose and fell in the Americas.


I think it would be fine for your 8th grader, my son really enjoyed it.

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Thank you for that perspective. I guess I have something to think about.


Da wants a challenging class that is heavy on reading and documentaries, and I would like to include a lot of writing. Although I intend to include discussion, this is mostly a class he intends to work on independently.

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