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Day 8 of the new school year and

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It is a sick day! Woohoo! Nothing like going back to school and being exposed to all those kids and germs and everything. But wait! We aren't! Not fair! I demand a redo. :glare:


Poor ds (10) has a fever, lots of sneezes, and feels like poo in general. Oh joy. :glare: Now the rest of us are going to get it too. So that's why he's been such a space head lately. He was coming down with the cruds. Yippee! Ain't life grand?:001_huh::tongue_smilie:

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Awww!! Get some Clorox wipes, wipe everything down, start OD'ing everybody on vitamin C, etc., & quarantine Sickie. Maybe the rest of you *won't* get it? Here's hoping!!


In the mean time, anything good about a sick day? Jello? Daytime TV? Extra planning? Oh, oh! I know! You get to be HERE!!!



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Yeah, and some much needed house cleaning and picking up. Oh and I need to cook for a change. Have not cooked in a while. Hopefully I will get on that tonight.


I can be on here and knit and clean! And no fighting with a fuzzy headed boy trying to get schooling done. He can just rest.


I hope the rest of us don't go there. I am definitely going to up the vitamins. I do not want it!

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