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Hobbit activities for 2-5th graders


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I know there have been several Hobbit threads this fall, but I'm starting another b/c I haven't found specifically what I'm looking for yet. :)


A friend and I are going to meet for a couple of Fridays before the movie comes out and we want to do activities for the Hobbit (we're reading it to our kids at home right now.) We aren't wanting a "literary" discussion, vocab, or anything like that. This time is to strictly be fun! I found on one thread a decoder for the runes, which looks fun. But I'm hoping to get ideas for cooking, art/craft activities etc. We have ages 7-10, grades 1, 3, and 5 (with a tag-a-long 4 yr. old.) :)


If anyone could point me to websites, blogs etc. that would be awesome!!!!!!!!!

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Dd25 had a LOTR birthday at 16 when the first movie came out. We baked a "hobbit" cake. Take a pyrex round cooking bowl and put your cake mix in it. You can bake it right in the bowl. When cooled, turn it upside down (You have to grease/flour the bowl really well) it should just come right out. Then decorate however you want!

Sounds like a really fun idea!

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chap. 1 - unexpected party

Have a party; make and eat all the foods from Bilbo's pantry: tea and seed cake, cold chicken, pickles, ham and eggs, (ginger) beer... Play this YouTube recording of Tolkien reciting the dwarf song, interspersed with the movie version




chap. 2 - roast mutton

Gandalf the wizard saves them. In advance each family researches a different country and the wizard stories and what wizards are like in that culture (China, Japan, Africa, India, Europe, Native American, Middle East) -- and then each presents their findings in some way (poster, read a SHORT fairytale, a skit, a video or power point....)


chap. 3 - a short rest

In Rivendell, they discover the secret writing on Thorin's map. Do invisible ink; try out some secret codes; make treasure maps.


chap. 4 - over hill and under hill

Make and follow trails that one another makes -- chalk on sidewalk; tie ribbons to bushes/trees in a park; stack stones or use sticks to make arrows on the ground.


chap. 6 - riddles in the dark

Play your own riddle guessing game. Write your own riddles. Play this YouTube recording of Tolkien reading the riddle section of the chapter




chap. 9 - barrels out of bond

Bilbo leads his friends out of their cells in a line to the barrels and then to safety. Play tag games that require you to hold hands, or make strings of people when they are caught.


chap 12. - inside information

Make dioramas of Smaug's treasure chamber out of shoeboxes, bits of broken jewelry, etc. -- be sure to figure out a way to have a secret door that opens onto the secret tunnel.


chap. 14 - fire and water

Smaug vs. Bard. Have an archery contest. Make your own bows and arrows first and then try them out on dragon-shaped targets.



Miscellaneous ideas:

- face painting

- make and wear costumes

- write in runes/calligraphy

- ideas from the Tolkien Society website

- sift through the various LA lessons for activities to adapt from Lesson Pathways: The Hobbit

- adapt some medieval crafts

- print and color Hobbit coloring pages; or Dover stained glass medieval pages using markers

- draw pictures and make your own "choose your own adventure" type of story like this online one done by elementary students: http://www.berghuis..../hobstart1.html


Online Activities

- discover your secret hobbit name with Chris Wetherell's random name generator (based on letters in your name: http://www.chriswetherell.com/hobbit/

- Middle Earth interactive map: http://www.middle-earth-map.com

- Encyclopedia of Arda map: http://glyphweb.com/...iddleearth.html

- 3 Rings interactive map: = http://3rin.gs/#0.65...02,-0.1040039,c

- Walk to Rivendell challenge -- stay physically fit by logging your miles of walking until you go from Bag End to Rivendell! = http://home.insightb.../Walk/walk.html


Play Party Games Tolkien would have known and played as a child:


Pass the Slipper

Take an object, the "slipper." Pick a person and put him/her in the center of the circle, eyes closed while the "slipper" is passed behind the backs from person to person in the circle. When the center person opens his/her eyes, the passing immediately stops and he/she must guess who holds the "slipper." If correct, they trade places. If wrong, the eyes are closed and the passing begins again.


Blind Man's Bluff

One person is blindfolded, and all other guests scatter around the room. When the blindfolded person catches someone, he/she has e to tell who was captured or the prisoner is freed and the blind man continues until a prisoner is identified. The blindfold then changes hands.


Pass the Parcel

A little like musical chairs; in this game, a gift is wrapped in several layers of paper (such as a chocolate bar) is passed in a circle of seated guests while music plays. Each time the music stops, the person holding the parcel takes off a layer of wrapping paper until the final layer reveals the prize, which goes to the person who took off the last piece of wrapping paper.

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Well save you LOTR plans because that is where we are headed next year. Dd12 is loving The Hobbit and cant put it down. I cant wait to add some of your ideas in. Of course she wants to go to LOTR once we finish this unit!




I highly recommend the Literary Lessons from the Lord of the Rings! Wonderful full year study of the trilogy, plus very interesting 12 units of additional material! Have fun with your continued adventures in Middle Earth! :)

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If you're anywhere close to Chester County, PA, I'd try to see this house! Granted, he wants his privacy, but this looks so cool.





I have decided that when DH builds our retirement home, he will be building it on a hill so we can dig a basement into the hill with a special hobbit hole entrance -- round door, round windows along one side, lined with book shelves on the other wall, and out front a small stone garden wall and flower box -- and that will be my reading room. :)

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