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What's for breakfast at your house?


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Ummm...we had scrambled eggs and toast. So, not all that exciting today.


Here are some breakfast ideas that I've posted in the past (we tend to do a lot of protein at breakfast:

Breakfast burritos

baked oatmeal or steel-cut oats


crepes (they are mostly egg)

boiled eggs and fruit


huevos rancheros

yogurt parfaits with homemade granola, greek yogurt (it's higher in protein and lower in sugar than regular) and fruit

waffles with peanut or almond butter

biscuits, sausage, scrambled eggs

breakfast pizza

various egg-based casseroles

french toast with bacon

Breakfast frittatas


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Breakfast is "fend for yourself" - which means anything from last night's leftovers to a simple bowl of cereal.


I have one who will make everyone omelets a few times each week, and I have another who bakes batches of muffins each week that the others pick through in the mornings.


I'm never hungry until lunch time, so I just have coffee in the mornings. That's how the kids learned (early) to fend for themselves :)

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We also do fend for yourself in the morning. DS12 sometimes makes eggs in various ways, or they have oatmeal, or leftovers. Sometimes the boys make a batch of pancakes or muffins on the weekend and freeze them for the week. They make smoothies in summer. They always have fresh fruit or home canned fruit with breakfast. DH doesn't eat breakfast and I wake up three to four hours before everyone else, so I make myself a quickie veggie fritatta most mornings.

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My kids feed themselves, but the following are available:


cereal(3-4 different kinds)

bagels/cream cheese

toast( with jelly or apple butter or cinn/sugar mix)

eggs(can also make grits)



So they can pick and chose their own thing, make it, eat it, clean up. I do offer pancakes or waffles on the weekends. Since we have food allergies we use a certain mix for that and it's only a family thing....b/c we can literally eat one box of mix and have no leftovers. :-)

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