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Need wording for an invitation


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Quick! I have to get these invites printed tonight and am having trouble with the wording.




My husband is turning 45 and I'm turning 40 a day apart from each other. We're having a party. I joked around that I wanted to have a laser tag party. My friends jumped on that idea and they've been encouraging me for the past 6 months to have my laser tag party. I said, "Dudes! I can't pay for everyone to play laser tag!"


They said, "We understand! Of course you can't pay for us all to play laser tag! But have the party! We want to play!"


Soooo. I rented the facility before hours where the laser tag arena is. We'll be the only customers there. The little kid's play area (like the kind at McDonald's) and party rooms are included in the facility fee, which is $200 and which I will foot.


However, the laser tag portion is $600. I've double and triple checked and my friends say they're ok with paying for the tag themselves.


Here's where I have a problem. The facility will only take one payment, so I have to pay the $600 up front. The reason is that we don't know exactly how many people will play. If 50 people play, that's the $600. But if more than 50 play, then the price would go down. The facility does not want to try to sort out how much to charge each individual. Hence--one fee, one payment. (Yes, that many will be playing, when you include their kids who will play, too.)


My friends are ok with paying, but I need to let them know to pay "me" and not the facility. They're probably going to bring credit cards to pay for their tickets at the facility, but now I have to collect the money on my own--which means I'll need cash or checks.


Is this ok:





Bryan turns 45 on December 29th

Jackie turns 40 on December 30th


What: Laser tag party


Where: Hickory Falls


When: Saturday, December 29th


Time: 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.


Food: Yes.





The kid’s play area is free for kids aged 12 and under.


Laser tag is not free.


If you are 7 or older and want to play, there’s a $12 fee. We will pay Hickory Falls up front, and you can reimburse us at your leisure.



Or...do I leave it that very last sentence (about them reimbursing me) off the invite and just tell them by word of mouth? You know, now that I've typed this up...I'm thinking word of mouth. What says The Hive?

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