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So, what kind of things do you do to get ready to sell your house?


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Still not sure if we're going to move but we're at least going to act like we are so that we can prepare the house.


If we move? YAY! The house will be ready to go. If we don't? Well, at least some projects will be done. ;)


This is the only house we've ever owned and we've never sold one so I'm a newbie. What do you do to prepare your home for the market?

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  • Take as much stuff out as you possibly can. If you decide to sell, I would try to find a way to get a storage unit and only keep the stuff essential for daily life in the house. The rest gets packed into the storage unit. Buyers want to see a place that looks like it has ample storage and big spaces. I think this is the biggest thing. Closets should be half empty. Plus, the less stuff the easier it is to frantically clean for showings.
  • Keep the counters clear, and organize the cabinets so it looks like there is tons of space.
  • If the paint is old, I would freshen up as much as possible. Gray is a popular neutral right now.
  • Things like updated light fixtures (above the dining table, at the entry way, etc), faucets, and cabinet hardware can do a lot to make the house look more "finished" and up to date.
  • Make sure the yard is well maintained and that the entry way looks nice. Does the front door need to be painted? Could the steps use a pressure washing? Maybe a potted plant when the weather is warmer?
  • If you have plastic light switch covers, updating them to something a little more expensive that matches other fixtures/hardware can pack a big punch for not much money or time.

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Change out your lightbulbs (if they're exposed, not if they're enclosed) and clean the fixtures. I thought it was weird when the realtor mentioned the lightbulbs but when I did it I was amazed at how dusty those things were.


Speaking of lights, I would change to high wattage bulbs, and make sure lights are on when you leave before showings.

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