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Scheduling more than one math in 5th grade

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We have been having a multiplication fact intensive for the last month or so. He was ready to tackle much harder stuff conceptually but being slowed down by utter lack of decent memorization.


We finished miquon and breezed through CLE's 300 series as a review this fall and is doing much better. In January I plan to start the 400 series, which is also a lot of review but with some new.stuff added in, and work through the Keys to Fractions and Decimals books.


How would you schedule this during the week? With CLE this fall I had him do the first part of a lesson and then skip the rest, and go on to a second lesson and do all of it. There enough review built in to each lesson that this wasn't a problem.


I also want to do BA and we have all 3 of them, but life keeps getting the way!




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I chose one program to be our math core, scheduled daily. The other program I considered supplemental, and scheduled three days a week. The core program was completed before the end of the school year, and

the supplemental curriculum took the daily math spot. The supplemental math spot was filled with fun math and logic.



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I've done multiple math programs pretty much every year. However, I don't have DD do all the practice/repetition in every single program, and very often the instruction in program 2 is redundant with program 1 and will be retaught next week in Program 3. So, it's more like teaching one program using three or more resources to draw from to have different point of views. I see it as like reading multiple books in history-you don't necessarily do narrations on every single book you've read about Egypt. You do the narration on the chapter of SOTW, and simply read and enjoy and soak up details from the other ones.


I haven't used Keys to Fractions and Decimals, but my experience with Keys to Algebra is that, simply put, they don't take very long. There's not a lot on any given page (which is why they're good for my DD, who can handle higher content, but needs white space) and often have three or four pages in a row that are the same thing, which means that if you've already addressed the topic, or if your DC seems solid and you KNOW they're going to hit it in 2 weeks in CLE, you can jump ahead, saving those extra pages for practice if needed later. For BA, it's likely that you'll be able to focus on the starred problems, because most of the core problems are likely to be review of what you've taught in CLE 300-it's still covering 3rd grade standards, but with more depth. So read the fun comic book, and pick and choose the problems that are likely to be new and challenging. I think BA is a GREAT review program-and that it eventually will be a great core program, but if you're using it as a review a grade level behind, you don't need to do it in the detail that it requires as a core, YKWIM?

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That is helpful. I'm not crazy about the CLE, but it is thorough and has plenty of review with lots of white space and most importantly it gets done without meltdowns. One 4 page lesson takes him about 30 minutes if I crossed out the redundant or ridiculously easy stuff. I'm hoping this multiplication intensive which has helped his speed a lot will mean that the 400 series.still takes about that long, even with more difficult material and new subjects being added in.


I want to do BA to help his problem solving and thinking skills, he struggles with Math, big time. Miquon was amazing the way it changed his ability to think through math and persevere.


He rolls his eyes at the CLE and groans but it does get done, the Keys To books are a happier experience and he usually happily.sits and does 2-3 pages from fractions and 2 from decimals.


45 minutes to an hour is about his limit for productive math work, so I guess we will just keep doing it like we are and not.worry about not doing redundant problems in CLE. It has a LOT of built in review.





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