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What to do after the phonics page lessons?

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I'm going to read around the site a bit, but wanted to ask here, too.


Ds just finished lesson 8 out of 32 on the phonics page. He's getting a lot of phonics rules introduced to him, but i don't expect much to really stick. Before i decided to use the phonics page, ds was sort of between beginner and remedial. He was reading a bit but did not seem to be getting anywhere with it.


Since we school 7 days per week, he'll be done with the phonics lessons in about 24 days and i need something to pick up on that next day.


What would you recommend? I have all about spelling, looked at websters speller and stuff on don potters page, but I'm not sure what we should do.

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My how to tutor page, link 4 at the end of the page is an idiot proof guide on how to add syllables and spelling rules into blend phonics. Just read and spell a few of each word type at first, any problems, read them all and spell a few more. The guide should enable you to teach Webster's Speller. The 1908 version has grade levels for each passage. You can work through the excerpts, link 12, then go to the entire 1908 from Don Potter at the grade level where you start to stall out and work through the entire Speller from that point on. You can also do my syllable division exercises. (Also on how to tutor page in links.)



My students find the grade level progression of Webster quite helpful.


Alternatively, you can use the 1879 McGuffey's, free PDFs online, then get books if you like them. Start slightly below comfort level and build up.

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