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Donating monogrammed clothing?


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Dh has a bunch of clothing I want to get rid of, but I'm not sure what to do with them. They are monogrammed with the name and place of the hospital he is employed by, and are in perfect shape as they have never been worn (they were unwanted gifts - don't even get me started on the wastefulness :glare:).


Should I donate them? I can't find anything on the Goodwill site about it.

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I am forever costuming plays and skits and such, and am always very grateful to folks who donate this kind of "authentic" clothing to the thrifts where I shop. It really helps when I need to find a specific costume look. I understand the risk aspect, but wanted to share the other side.


We've also been very happy to have polos with work logos (when a polo is needed for a uniform), winter coats with work logos (because they still keep you warm, and I don't want to spend $$$ for something going to scout camp where it will likely be lost or destroyed), etc. We've even gotten some nice items with the logo from dh's actual workplace!


Depending on the garment, it could be useful somewhere. School chem lab for lab coats, etc.


Another option would be to give it to someone who can make it into something else - something useful for your dh, or something using the hospital name as part of the item. Christmas ornament, tote bag, water bottle bag, iPod case, etc. etc. etc. If you're not the crafty type, perhaps someone at work, or their spouse, is. There was a similar thread a while back with many crafty ideas.

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