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Help me pick a book to read....

Jann in TX

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My eyes have never worked right... I've had glasses ever since I can remember.


I'm slowly loosing the sight in my right eye-- Dr says I should always be able to see 'light' but focusing will eventually become impossible (eye was damaged in an accident when I was 14 yrs old-- muscle tissue is degenerating). My left eye is very healthy and has good vision.


I LOVE to read-- I was a voracious reader when I was younger.


I've read very few books the past 5 years.... reading has HURT.


Now I spend my days locked in my office staring at a computer and talking to myself (teaching online classes) it has become nearly impossible to read a printed book.


I have an Ipad and reading on it is much better than paper. I have not used my paper Bible in over a year... I just can't read even the large print anymore without terrible eye strain/pain.


I'm getting a Kindle Paperwhite next week (at least that is the ship date!!!). I've tried them out and it will be better than the Ipad for reading. I'm hoping to get back into the reading habit.


This fall I read the Hunger Games trilogy in 3 evenings-- an easy read for me (thank goodness it was digital!).


I'm looking for some fun light reading-- fiction-- with good strong characters. I don't mind romance-- just not a whole lot at one time... I like engaging story lines ( I even liked reading the Twilight saga...) but would like something deeper than juvinile fiction!!!

In the past I've also enjoyedr Sci-Fi and mysteries...


What is out there now that I'm hoping to re-enter the world of books?

I'm looking for a 'can't put it down' type of book.


I have 3 weeks off for Holiday Break and I want to spend most of that away from my computer-- curled up on the sofa with a good book!





PS-- being a half-blind, dysgraphic teacher with ADD is fun!

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Not a specific book suggestion but check out the Amazon Top Free 100 site once you get your Kindle. I have downloaded almost 200 books, all but ONE for FREE. You have to wade through some junk/trash (at least not stuff I want to read) but by the titles/cover picture it is pretty easy to go through them. I have found many new authors and books I would have never read or even known about.


If it helps, with the Kindle you can change the font size so if larger print is easier for you to read, it is very easy to do that.


OK--I will add a few favorites


We'll Have the Summer by Dutch Henry Story of an older couple who runs a ranch for guests, very touching


They Almost Always Come Home---story of a middle age woman whose husband fails to return from a trip. Again touching


Walking on Broken Glass--story of a young woman who is an alcoholic and checks herself into treatment


Wander Years---I am reading this now. Just light story of a couple that takes a year to travel the world. Not great literature but funny at moments and interesting.


Right now I don't have much mental energy for "heavy" books and prefer light reading books.

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I also love Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster books--hilarious. A few other ideas:


Ursula LeGuin's fantasy and sci fi, particularly Lavinia


The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell--I've just started this; it's historical fiction set among Dutch traders in Japan in the eighteenth century.

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I recently read Emily and Einstein and really enjoyed it.

http://www.amazon.co...ly and einstein


I enjoyed this as well: Austenland



Oops! It was actually this one that I read: Midnight in Austenland


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The 'fluff' on my Kindle right now includes most of the Iron Druid series by Kevin Hearne (I actually thought subsequent books were better than the first; throughout the first novel I was slightly annoyed that the main character seemingly had no flaws aside from his cocky attitude--said character got a lot more interesting and likeable later on), the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, and the Wilderness series by Sara Donati (who, from her writing and stories, obviously has a huge novelist crush on Gabaldon). All of these fit my criteria for fun, light reading, but are reasonably well-written and keep me interested.

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You can't get PMs!!


Dd19 went to vision therapy all last year, she had the beginnings of double vision. When vision in both eyes doesn't match and meet at a point, the brain shuts the weaker eye down (to keep one from having double vision). Dd did many exercises to build up her weaker eye and eventually, faces quit blurring. When her vision would start to go double, half of people's faces would blur. It doesn't now. I don't know how your injury plays in, but in the midst of everything, we found at a ophthalmologist's visit, that they aren't knowledgable and/or friendly to vision therapy. We went to an optometrist that is a member of covd.org and an accompanying vision therapist. It made all the difference. I don't know if this will help you, but you have been so helpful in the past for math, I wanted to pass the info. to you.

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Have a look at The Cure for Modern Life by Lisa Tucker. It is a feel-good, funny story with strong characters, set against a backdrop of the question of ethics in the pharmaceutical industry. It's a light read, but not 'fluff'.


Her book Once Upon a Day was also a lovely read.

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They Almost Always Come Home---story of a middle age woman whose husband fails to return from a trip. Again touching



I've got this one too and its FANTASTIC.


If you like religious fiction, other stuff I've picked up and really enjoyed are:

Yahshua's Bridge by Sandi Rog (in the time of persecuted Christians)

Gods and Kings: chronicles of the Kings by Lynn Austin (Fictionalized account of King Hezekiah)

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