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Abstract reasoning skills?


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So, I had my dd tested last week by a psych...I needed some answers to some issues we have been having. She had never been tested by a psych before.


Okay, so we met today. One thing that the doctor said was superior was dd's abstact reasoning. What, specifically, would you do with a child that had this as their strength? I was surprised how high her math scores were too, specifically the math where she can't use any paper/pencil and is all story problems (good thing I am starting our "Pet store math" from Charlotte Mason in January!)


Thanks for any advice. I am still new to this. My dd has been struggling with some "issues" behaviour related (hence the testing). I am hoping that as I learn her strengths and weaknesses, I can help her more.


Thanks again all!

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I'd take a different approach and play strategy games like chess, Othello, Advanced Mastermind, Blockus, etc.


I would also suggest construction toys like Knex, Legos, or even marble runs.


Basically, I would want to engage her mentally in scenarios which require multiple mental steps ahead of her current decision (being able to play through in her mind the likely outcomes several moves beyond her decision.)


FWIW, we are a "heavy" strategy playing game family. Our oldest is an engineer and he was here visiting for Thanksgiving. He had just been to some sort of training for work and one of the things they did was a personality profile. He told us that the person running the course told him had he had the highest strategy/abstract thinking score they'd seen. ;) (beyond the games I listed (those are the ones I enjoy playing w/them, my kids play Risk, Stratego, etc together......they play set-ups that last for days by combining multiple versions of the games together and inventing their own rules. Way too much time for me!)

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I had a quick look at your blog and you are doing lots of good things already. I was going to suggest Beast Academy but you already have that. The connection I would make with high abstract reasoning skills, good at word problems AND behavioral issues would be that you are likely dealing with a Visual-Spatial learner. There are lots of good posts about it if you do a search of the forums.


For my two Visual-spatials I found grammar stage type work (memorisation etc) to be a real battle but TWTM logic stage recommendations have been perfect. SWB talks about kids moving from parts-to-whole in grammar stage to whole-to-parts in logic stage, but I think VSLs are whole-to-parts from the beginning. Anyway, this might not fit for you but it is another thing to consider.

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