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Lets say you take in a young person about to enter 9th grade and find that they are horrible spellers. There are spelling mistakes in every sentence they write, and they know no spelling rules. It is actually embarrassing to them, and may even be affecting their self esteem. They are bright and have no known LD. From speaking to this person, it seems they really have had no formal spelling in school.


Where would you begin?

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By teaching them to type and getting them to do many written things on the computer.


I assume that they've had spelling before and for whatever reason they can't spell. I think some percentage of the adult population can't no matter how well educated.


Spell check will help them in two ways, it will pick up words that aren't words at all and help them turn them into words. From my own experience, it may also help them to spell better. I use to spell the word decision so wrong the only thing spell check would ever offer me was "doeskin." i'd have to sit there and change my word several times to get to the spell check offering decision. But guess what? Now, I get it right.


If you feel you must offer some sort of program, then get some kind of program geared at older students or adults that is an all in one sort of thing, not something with a gazillion levels.

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