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American Girl Customer Service


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Just wanted to share some good customer service!


I ordered 3 Bitty Baby dolls recently for our nieces. I received the box last week and it only contained two of the dolls. :ohmy: The packing receipt clearly said there were 3 dolls and only one box to be expected. I felt a little panicky because these dolls are not cheap and I save all year for Christmas so that I can afford $50 per niece and nephew.


I called American Girl and explained the situation. The box I received was completely sealed and no damage at all. The guy on the other end didn't even question me. He just asked which version of Bitty Baby I was missing and told me they would send it right out. He was so nice and polite about it!


Relief! Now three of our nieces ages 3-5 will be receiving Bitty Baby for Christmas and I have lots of choices for b-day and Christmas gifts for a while with all of the fun accessories for her!


Good customer service, especially during Christmastime, is something worth celebrating! :thumbup1:

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I've had to deal with AG customer service before and they were wonderful. Dd took it upon her self to write AG a letter about what she feels is a lack of ethnic dolls. A customer service representative promptly responded with a personal letter and not just a canned response.

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