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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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I'm in a flare (boo - hiss!) but that doesn't stop the work needing to be done.


Today's list:


Make a big dent in the out-of-control laundry situation.


Make that kitchen sparkle!


Stuff some learning in those kid's heads -

Ds15 has the Week Overview with me and then we have our Latin seminar this morning.


Dd10 will focus on the Anglo- Saxons in history and will do grammar this morning. She also has art today.


I need to do some financial stuff - boring but necessary.


I'm sure there is tons more but I will have to think of it as I go.

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:grouphug: Sorry about your flare...sure makes motivation harder to come by.


Right up until I saw your post, I was heading into ostrich mode (hiding my head in the sand).


First thing, I will make a list of foods/meals that need to be bought or made this week.


I will figure out what to have for lunch.


I will finish making the rabbit cage.


I will wrap dd's birthday presents and make a card.


I will complete 4 of the items already on my to-do list.

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laundry (purchased fancy towels for the family for Christmas, but they'll be DH's "big" present... must prewash a couple times so he can use them right away)

regular laundry


iron on DD the Elder's badges (substantial backlog)


prepare DD the Younger's math lessons for the week, read ahead and work some problems for DD the Elder's math


vacuum dog hair (preemptively... the proto-clumps) from everywhere


menu plan DD the Elder's birthday next week


We did a thorough clean for a party on Saturday, so the place is in pretty good shape otherwise.


... then off to pub trivia


ETA: the bananas are finally rotten enough for banana bread :D

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Not me- after picking Ds up from music theory at 8:30 we pretty much imploded- older Ds threw up, younger Ds burst into tears and declared his head is throbbing. So much for school work, band, and the big dinner I had planned. Looks like it's chicken soup on the couch. I should probably use today to get stuff done, but I'm feeling sort of off myself...and willing my stomach to stop hurting!


Emergency naps all around and hopefully we can still salvage the week!

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I'm with ya, Jean!


I'll tackle today.


I'm cleaning Mom's house.


I'm going to start some of the baking I need to do for our party this weekend (woo hoo!).


Run to the post office and mail my etsy order.


I already ordered the pad for our new area rug. It wasn't as cushy as I thought it was going to be. But I still love it!


I'm having a rough time battling my worry over my BIL this morning, so I forsee a closet in need of organizing (which is how I deal with stress). And I'll probably tackle the toys this afternoon.


We have TKD tonight and Dh or I need to run out to BIL's and make sure he's able to eat and let his dog out. That's a tough one because she won't leave his side. :(


I am happily enjoying our break from school. And hope to finish getting the boys' history read and outlined.

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I'm in! I'm calling it a school holiday for unseasonably warm Dec weather- it's 70 degrees in the Midwest! I'm clearing out my bedroom today. So far I've cleaned out the closet and dresser- which was quite a job as I had everything from a size 4 up to x-large maternity. I've sorted the maternity and everything else and have some maternity to go downstairs for storage, and a huge bag of clothes in all sizes to go to Goodwill. I've got everything arranged by sizes now so I can easily find something that fits.


I've got to clean out under the bed and my linen dresser. I have some extra covers and such from mil when her mother died and I need to go through them now that I've got some energy back. I like some extra covers for winter as we turn down the heat(last year we really didn't have enough) but I think we have too much now. I need to dust from the ceiling to the floor as well and mop, but I don't know if I'm feeling quite that spunky!

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I'm setting up the Christmas tree (a job I don't enjoy) but my consolation is that I get to have the windows open since it's so warm out. This is definitely a first for me!


After set up I need to do a good vacumming and then put the boxes away.


I have lunch/dinner on the grill right now and then I need to tidy up dishes and counter.

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Jean...sorry your having a flare up. That stinks!


I'm going to iron, tidy up the downstairs, sort and purge the closets downstairs and cook dinner.


I'm also working to get caught up on all my grading...I'm at least 2 weeks behind..how did that happen? :confused1:


I need to hit Jo Ann's for some felt and other craft stuff.


Busy happy Monday to you all! :)

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Been tackling it since 7am. Here's where I stand right now at 12:30...


DONE~Strip bed linens

LOAD 5 of 7 is in; Loads 1-3 have been folded: Laundry, laundry, laundry


Sweep & mop

IN PROGRESS ~Bathrooms

IN PROGRESS~Prep dinner

DONE~Order next level of math book for dd8

~ Matt- science, history, English, math, work on merit badge stuff for Boy Scouts

~ Natalie – handwriting, science, FLL, WWE, history

DONE~ lunch

Pick up donation items for dd8 to take to Girl Scouts tonight

Help dh get remaining Christmas decorations & tree out of shed attic

DONE (did 2.32 miles—had to take it easy due to having a cough) ~ Do a minimum of 2 miles on the treadmill

Dd15 dance (4:30-6)

DD8 Girl Scouts (6:30-8)

DS Boy Scouts (7:30-9)


DONE~Off to take a quick shower after exercising and then to pick up my "daycare girl" at her preschool.


School has been an epic failure for my middle two. They only got 3 subjects done each. I'm sure the 74 degree weather is not helping their desire to focus on schoolwork. I am seriously debating starting Christmas break early...or at least changing our focus for the next two weeks.

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Cleared out linens and finished sweeping and dusting room. I'm going to call that good for now as my body is saying it is time to take a break. I still have on the list;

fixing lunch (ham, chips, carrots, olives, etc)

short walk

quiet time

check dh's cubscout calendar to see if I need to plan anything for him

cook supper (meatballs, roasted potatoes, broccoli and peppers)

everyone dressed and ready

everyone to AHG and Scouts

to home and to bed for everyone to collapse into a heap :)

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I'm in!

Swept and washed floors, baseboards, microwave, toaster oven and counters.

Cleaned the entire bathroom top to bottom.

Made lunches, fed pets and got rid of junk computers I scavenged parts from last week.

Got some of the Christmas decorations out and set up a few with the youngest one.

Working around the oldest who is crashed on the couch in a vicodin haze from wisdom tooth extraction Friday.

Starting to feel a little festive. ;)

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I guess I'll join.



Skills in the AM

Content in the PM


Pick up the dining room and kitchen floors

Scour bathroom

Clear off the piano (this is the big one... yuck!)


Coerce my kids to do quiet time and my littlest to take a nap.


My list isn't nearly as huge as all of yours, but it has me exhausted just thinking about it. :closedeyes:

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11 am report. My servant, the dishwasher, is humming along. I had a very very nice morning seminar time with ds15. Dd10 was less than lovely this morning but has done her work so I guess I can't complain too much. I'm going to work with her one-on-one in 2 minutes. I talked to my aged father this morning for our weekly talk. I talked to Imp too.


My next goal until noon is to work with dd on various language arts and to hopefully get hand washing (knives and stuff) done in the kitchen.

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We are on Christmas break--but my to do list today was to clean the entry, kitchen and my bathroom. I got it all done--even with this morning's procrastination that included a trip to the dollar store just for fun. We started cleaning yesterday with steam cleaning the carpets and deep cleaning the whole house. It feels so good!

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Sorry about your flare, Jean. Hope it dies down soon. I wish you hadn't mentioned the words 'kitchen' and 'sparkle' next to one another! Unless I'm getting out glitter it just isn't going to happen here.


I juiced this morning, changed my sheets, finished putting away some warmer weather clothes, caught Dc up in literature, worked on catching up in math and science, walked dogs, made some phone calls to pay bills, brainstormed games with Dc for 4H Christmas party tomorrow, and supervised Dd's piano practice. I'm taking it easy b/c I feel a sinus infection coming on and I'm hoping to avoid it. I've taken as much sudafed and motrin as I dare and am loading up on echinacea tea and vitamin c. I'm thinking about taking out Christmas decorations---but, if I wait then the whole thing will blow over and I won't have to put them away! Dd really wants to decorate though. We'll see. I still need to go over writing projects with each Dc and geometry with Ds.

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2:30 my time. Dd and I have tackled math (she did great, once she got out of her snit from having to do it)., music (another snit, another good job despite it) and now I'm printing out the lesson for art. I'm fully expecting to ignore another snit while she does her work. Aren't tweens a joy?


Shannon, my kitchen is now sparkling. ;)

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3 pm ish my time. Dd did art with no snit at all! :hurray: :hurray: :hurray:


Dd10 and I are done with school. Ds15 is almost done for today, which is very unusual but it has been one of those really good days for him where everything has gone like clockwork.


I'm taking a break and then it's time for me to get down to the housecleaning part of my day. Sigh. Just when I thought I could put my feet up. . .


Plan this afternoon -


1. laundry


2. financial stuff


3. my car glove compartment.


I can do it!

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7pm check-in for me:


All Christmas decorations have been taken down from the shed attic (what a pain!).

Finished 6 (of 7) loads of laundry....1 of those loads still needs to be folded. The other load will probably have to wait until tomorrow to get done. I still have to remake our bed with laundered sheets before crawling in for the night.

DD's scout leader offered to bring her home (she's our neighbor)....what a blessing! I'm ready to put my jammies on and relax for the evening!

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4:30 pm check - in


Laundry - I'm embarrassed to say that I've only gotten one load washed and dried. 6 out of 7 loads, Jenn? Really?!


Glove Compartment - thanks to the help of my kids, it's fixed!


Financial stuff has to wait until tonight. I remembered that my neighbor is returning tomorrow and I had to get her house ready for her. It is part of what I'm paid to do for her. (It's a long story.) Again, thanks to my kids we got it done. I did half of it and then my pain got too bad to go on and I had to call in the reinforcements.

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