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I think I may have to break down and take steroids this time.


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The last time ( 2years ago) I went to a spine specialist she wanted to give me steroids and I refused. She gave me something else instead that worked after a day. Well, I did something to cause the same flare- up and the regular meds are not working as well. I am on day 3.


Steroids scare me.. I don't like feeling out of control, not sleeping, I am afraid of getting puffy and gaining weight.


Question is will they really make that big of a difference VS an anti inflammatory?


Let me have it ladies. Get me to make the call and get myself to the dr's office this week even if it means steroids. :crying:

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How long a course of steroids are they talking? I did a standard 10 day (I think it was) and side effects are not as much of a problem with such a short course. It cleared the problem right up (inflammation from a bone spur in my neck) although it took about 2 weeks once I was finished w/the steroids.


I agree with this. Also, how high of a dose would you be on? I have been on higher dose, short term steroids for asthma, and I really didn't have any side effects b/c it generally takes more time being on it to get those kind of side effects. The only time I had any kind of side effects was when they couldn't get my asthma under control, so I had to take the high doses repeatedly. Even then, the side effects were hardly noticable, and it really did help. It was the only thing that did, honestly.


I also take a daily replacement dose (have been for almost 6 years for Addison's Disease) which is much lower than the type for anti-inflammatory use, and again...not really any side effects. The only time I get any side effects is on Prednisone. I have mood/rage issues on that, but as long as I am on Hydrocortisone, I don't have that problem.


Good luck with whatever you choose! :) I hope you start to feel better soon!

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well, i know it's been over a week since OP, but i came here looking for pred info and found this and thought i'd comment. i went to the md yesterday for back problems that i've had for over two years (discs, arthritis, etc.). this was a followup due to onsent of acute problem on top of already chronic pain. he recommended pred for 10 days (i've had medrol before with modest benefit). i relented and have had three pills. it is AMAZING how different i feel right now.

i will say i've been starving since i started them yesterday, but nothing else. i am also worried about "edginess" with mood, as md put it...i kinda feel that way most days anyway due to the pain so i figured it really didn't matter.

we'll see how this goes, but i just wanted to give my input that it has provided relief that nothing else has. best wishes to you.

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Most of the time, a "pain pack" will be prescribed, where you take a bunch of pills the first day, then decreasing amounts each day. I have not had problems with steroids under those circumstances, and it's such a short time, that even if one did have problems, there is an end in sight.


If you plan for possibility of overeating, with lots of food around that won't make you fat, but that you CAN eat to feel full, it can help. Also, if you let your doctor know about side-effects such as mood, they can usually do something to help you. (But like I said, if it's a very short course, you can probably just get through it.)


I was prescribed a pain pack for a slipped disc and it was miraculously helpful. I was in such intense pain, that I could only lie down or stand. I couldn't sit to get in a car. I mean blazing pain--made unmedicated transition in childbirth seem like a walk in the park. When I read the warnings on the package, I was hesitant about taking them and a friend who was a nurse, said, "TAKE them." I am so glad I followed her advise.


I've also recently had a cortisone shot in my shoulder and it made a tremendous difference. My only complaint is that the doctor didn't suggest it months earlier.

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