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Do any of your special needs kids just need to be told "how" to do math and not worry about the "why"? or not really understand the "why"? I'm wondering if I'm wasting my time with too much explanation. Maybe less would be better? Just curious what you've seen with your experiences.



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There are kids who, yes, need to just do it, get in and get out. One person I talked with like that uses R&S. My dd is sort of a blend. Her processing is slower, so to think through a process and understand it isn't actually going to get her into how to DO it. Or it will take forever. With TT, she's sort of getting that blend. I go back and make sure she understands the whys, but TT gives her the chance just to see how to do it. For her, understanding does not result in proficiency.


So I don't know if that distinction makes any sense, but yes I think you can back off a bit. They might be able to do both, but not at the same time.

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