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History Suggestions

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OK - so we've been homeschooling for around 17 years, and history STILL is a challenge for me!


After a huge move interstate, our homeschool year has been totall disrupted, and I'm now planning for January. We are so far behind, but I think I have most things sorted - except history.


Next year, I'll have my four youngest girls still at home - aged 15, 14, 12, and 10. We're probably a bit behind as far as reading and studying abilities go - so I want to use a programme that won't cause too much frustration, but will include some research and notetaking skills.


We'll be doing Australian History, and that is sorted, but I'd like to do some World History as well. Nothing too heavy, or it simply won't get done, but enough so they have a basic coverage of the topic. Looking at doing history 2-3 days per week. I have so many programmes on my shelf, but I'm having trouble deciding which to use.


I have:


Famous Men Series

Memoria Press Classical Studies Programme

Guerber's History Books (Nothing New Press)

Story of the World

Illustrated Kingfisher History Encyclopedia

ABCs of Christian Culture

History Portfolios - Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance

Konos Kings and Queens Unit


Plus all the History Scribe Books on my Computer.


And I have the Timeline Charts from Homeschool in the Woods, which we'll use.


And no doubt a heap of other things - many of which are as yet still unpacked from our move.


Any favourite suggestions for that age group? And should I combine them all together or separate?



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I think I'd be tempted to use Mystery of History (I know, not one of the items you listed... :glare: ) as a spine with all of the girls then have them do extra reading relevant to their age and stage. MOH has assignments and activities for different age groups so you could have them do whatever is relevant, and it also requires very little preparation. The research suggestions after the lessons would be good for the older two if you wanted them to do something more. Your SOTW books could be good extra reading for the younger two, and the Kingfisher Encyclopedia would be a good visual element.


Just a thought.


PS:I have girls of almost identical ages to yours. :laugh:

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