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So very sad about this...prayers/good thoughts please...


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The teen girl I've been schooling had a relapse and is back in the hospital for the next bit...seems step-dad thought it'd be easier to allow her to 'help' get groceries by herself to make it quicker on him...well fat lot of help it did her! She was able to procure pills because she wasn't being monitored.


I'm so upset by this. She just did this recently. WHY ON EARTH would he/they allow her to be unsupervised in a store where she can get all sorts of things?!!!? It's one thing if she got to them when he was monitoring her because he would have been trying, but he admits to just letting her go!


She was doing well here with us, though it was only a short time so far. She would leave us sweet funny notes on the board. Talked fairly openly with me about things. She was working hard, did whatever I asked of her. Didn't give me any trouble. She seemed relaxed here. There is no one to impress, no things to be tempted to take to injest...she knows we want her here and we're not judging her. She went on bike rides and took the dogs for walks with us during our lunch break. We were helping her to get outside more (she has SAD and being outdoors helps). I advocated for getting her some music lessons that she had been wanting so that she could find a positive thing to look forward to each week. She really liked her new teacher and had a list ready for him of music she wanted to learn to play...


I wish I could bring her here...my heart just hurt when I got the text that she would be missing some school. She is already so far behind and this should not have happened had this parent had any sense...


I am going to call the facility tomorrow and see about visiting with her.


Some prayers/good thoughts for her to start healing (and for us to be led on how to best help her) would be much appreciated.

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I am sorry, but I think the poor girl was sabotaged. I am just sick for her. Thank God she has someone in her life who wants the best for her, too bad it is not her parents.


I almost thought that too. This is the same girl that the mother let pierce areas of her body no 12 year old should and allowed her to get guages (barrels) put into her ears..."because it wasn't worth the fight and she wanted them"...the step father is a box of rocks too...If I was her father there would be no visitation after this. Maybe supervised...that's how strongly I feel about those two.


I've got the facilities phone number. I'll be making a call today.

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