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How do I fix my profile (community stats and Contact info.)?


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Mine is wonky. I have been looking at several profiles for comparison and I think there is a glitch in my Profile that is preventing changes from showing up.


Here is what I have tried over and over. Upper right corner under my user name I pull down a little menu and click "My Profile". Then, I click a button on the right "Edit My Profile" and it takes me to Profile Settings. Scrolling down I want to delete info or add info in fields under the headings Contact Methods and Profile Information. What I have typed in there is showing up on that page every time I open it BUT when I go back to view my Profile Overview (as seen by the public) some changes are there and others are not. There are weird characters and some profile info from the old forum that keeps showing up. I have already deleted that old info. and added new, updated info. yet it is still there on the Profile page yet NOT on my settings page (my settings page has saved my changes but those changes are not showing up in myactual Profile). The new info is always in my Profile Settings but only there in parts on the actual Profile that be viewed publicly (there is a mixture of some new and some old info. And I think there are too many bits of info showing.)


If that made any sense and someone can help me I'd appreciate it. I have worked with it on my iMac and iPad. Same results either way.


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