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Dr. Hive, Pustular Psoriasis Hands and Feet?


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I haven't had an annoying outbreak of blisters in years. What is going on recently is driving me nuts!!!! I have 60-80 blisters on my hands. It's like having the flu, and an allergic reaction all at once with the pain, itching, tiredness, & edtc. UGH !!!!


I think I know what brought it on, but nothing is slowing it down, I used Off on the kids because of the West Nile virus being in our area, and immediately broke out after spilling some on my hands.


Anyone know of any new treatments they have had or heard of success with? The last big outbreak lasted 4 years, and nothing helped but that was back in 1999. I will be having no more children, so may be able to try some of those treatments I wouldn't even attempt before.

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