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Pregnancy and Sneezing?


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I already know I'm....unique. Yeah. We'll go w/'unique'.




It never fails that first thing in the morning, my nose is stuffed, and I'm sneezing my fool head off. Happened when I was pregnant w/Boo too.


Not a cold, nobody else has the sniffles, just me.


Anyone else experience this?

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Wolf looks at me like I'm diseased, sneezing and snuffling every am. I told him it's a pregnancy thing...so now he's looking at me like I'm diseased AND insane.


At least now I can tell him that nope, other women on the Hive have that experience too! :tongue_smilie:

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Me, me, pick me!!


Yes! I'd go to bed perfectly fine and be woken up in the middle of the night with a major head cold. Or so it seemed. I'd sneeze about 7 times, blow my nose and eventually get back to sleep.


Throughout the day I was fine.


This was a new symptom for me - never had it with the other pregnancies.

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Me too, me too! Every morning without fail. I'm fine by mid-morning, and all stuffed up again when I inevitably wake up in the middle of the night.


My DH woke up with a cold this morning and tried to blame me. I asked him where he'd been for the last 28 weeks, because that's how long I've had a "cold".

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